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Lunchbox notes

It’s back to school and back to packing lunches. I’ve been sporadically sticking little notes in my kids’ lunches (I like to keep them guessing with my inconsistency), so I designed these Post-Its to make it extra cute. Both the “from mom” and the background color are customizable so you can make it your own.


Greeting card subscription

Cards and more pretty cards! I’m now that lady with a stash for pretty much any occasion. I couldn’t resist Minted’s new greeting card service. The more you buy, the better the deal - and what makes it even better is that you can input dates and they’ll remind you to actually send the card (though I don’t think there’s an option to have them remind you where you stashed them). If you buy 10, they’re only $3.98 apiece, which, if you’ve shopped for cards lately you know is a steal - especially when they’re this nice! AND! Better yet! My two favorite words: free shipping!

funny wine label

Bold modern (and funny) Thanksgiving collection

This collection started as just a very simple invitation but morphed into a pretty fun collection of Thanksgiving items including commemorative t-shirts, coasters and these inspired (though certainly not by MY family) wine labels. There are actually invitations and address labels too, so definitely check it all out for a fun family Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebration.