Gradually greener

I’m getting better, guys. I’m really trying! Trying to be less wasteful and more intentional with my consumption. In some regards it is easier, but when you’re used to doing things certain ways and also used to “convenience,” it’s sometimes harder to break those habits and that mindset. I’m not by ANY means a perfect example of living a greener, more environmentally conscientious life (so so so far from it!), but I do think I am taking steps in the right direction and wanted to share some of the simpler solutions I’ve incorporated into my world and some places I get inspiration.

Straws. Yes. This has become quite the hot topic lately. Trying to do my part! We never really used that many straws around the house, but smoothies are happening more and more and those call for one. Plus, I’ve noticed I drink more water when I have a straw (why is that?). We have these Klean Kanteen brand ones, and they work well and clean easily (you’ll definitely want a brush for that job too).

Pads and tampons. Something totally not on my radar until it was and then it was all I could think about. SO much plastic and waste (not to mention the chemicals and materials). But fortunately there are options like reusable/washable pads (I can vouch for these), cups (lots of options like this, but you can get more expert advice from the site Put A Cup In It), and organic, applicator-free tampons (do not be fooled by the ones with the “plant-based plastic” because that’s barely any better).

School lunch. Bye bye, baggies. We use (and re-use) Tupperware, these Nalgene water bottles and these flat plastic bowls that once upon a time held toddler snacks but the grade school kids don’t need to know that. It’s been a bit of trial and error with the reusable baggies for some of our food storage at home, but these get a thumbs up. Lesson learned - do not to go cheap on those. Removable slider tops are a pain.

Who to follow for ideas and inspiration:

Clean Mama. I started following her initially to get my act together cleaning-wise and I ADORE her for that (get her book! It’s FANTASTIC!). But she also encourages the use of safe and natural cleaners (legit natural, not labeled “natural) like baking soda, vinegar and castile soap and reusable containers and tools (fewer paper towels!).

Tiny Trash Can. I first found out about this account through a Washington Post story, but it turns out Tippi and I were at Ohio University together (she was a grad student in the same program I was getting my undergraduate degree). She is truly walking the walk here, striving for zero waste. Her account is incredibly inspirational (though not all aspects are feasible in all areas). She’s definitely worth a follow!

And as usual, many of these links are affiliate links, which earn me a small commission if you shop through them. But I stand behind what I post about 100% and would never write about anything I didn’t. Everything has been used and loved by me and/or my family.